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Strong Interest Inventory

You can find a career — and life — that excites you. Let’s make it happen with the Strong assessment.


As a Strong Interest Inventory® Certified Practitioner, I use the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment to help you identify and understand your work personality so you can gain greater clarity and happiness in your career. Want to see how the Strong assessment can help you find a career — and life — that is more exciting? Keep scrolling.

Once you’re ready to get started, schedule a consultation to see if working with me is your next best step.

Let me tell you a bit about the Strong assessment…

  • The Strong assessment harnesses the power of Holland’s RIASEC theory of personality types and work environments to help you make informed decisions about your career — and your life.
  • The inventory is unique from other assessments because it is backed by decades of empirical research that reinforces the layout of Holland’s hexagon (see below!).
  • Your Strong assessment is blended with my expertise in career coaching to help you rethink, reimagine, and recreate how you understand and communicate your career story.
  • You get answers to these powerful questions: “Who are you?” “What do you enjoy?” “What occupations align with your interests?” and “How do you learn, work, play, and live?”
  • You leave with a clear picture of your interests, career opportunities, and where to focus your continued exploration. You also leave with clarity and renewed confidence.
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Your Strong Report is broken down into 4 main components…

  • First, we will uncover your work personality by pinpointing your interests in six broad areas: Realistic, Artistic, Investigative, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. Here, we will determine your interests, preferred work activities, potential skills, and values.
  • Next, we will break this down into 30 interest areas, each of which directly relates to career opportunities, continuing education, and extracurricular activities. There will be space to explore both your top interests, as well as your areas of least interest, and how they intersect with your work, leisure activities, and life.
  • After, we will uncover your top 10 most aligned careers (this is one of the best parts!). We will nimbly connect the dots between your interests, skills, preferred work environments, and potential career opportunities. We will dive deep into the careers where you have similar interests with people currently in the occupation.
  • Finally, we will review your preferred work style, learning environment, leadership style, risk taking preference, and team orientation. We will also discuss how these relate and weave into your career focus and future opportunities.


Below are a handful of sample Strong Reports to show you the power of this assessment. (The links do not require your personal information or email to download.)

  • Download a sample Strong Interest Inventory® 244 Career Satisfaction Report Profile here. (NEW!)
  • Download a sample Strong Profile here.
  • Download a sample Strong Report + Interpretive Report here.
  • Download a sample Strong Report + College Profile Report here.
  • Download a sample Strong Report + Interpretive Report + College Profile Report here.
Together, we will determine which report(s) make sense for your unique career, educational, and life needs.

The proven Strong inventory process…

  1. Consultation: We will begin with an initial conversation to discuss the purpose of the Strong assessment and your goals in taking the inventory. The goal of this consultation is to determine if the Strong assessment is suitable for your unique needs and goals as well as which Report(s) make sense for you.
  2. Strong Administration: You will receive a unique link to complete the Strong assessment from the comfort of your home. This is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers. You simply show up as your fabulous self. The total assessment takes no more than 40 minutes of your time (most people complete the inventory in less than a half-hour). I will receive your initial Strong assessment results shortly after you complete your inventory.
  3. Deep Dive Coaching Session: After you complete the assessment, we will meet to interpret your Strong profile. I will help you understand your personality, interests, work environments, and approach to life. (Clients share the most exciting part about this process is the new things about themselves, including careers they never considered but are eager to try!) We will also use this time to determine the appropriate next steps for your career, continuing education, and life. You will leave the session with a clear path forward.
  4. Strong Report: You will receive lifetime access to your customized, 10+-page Strong Report. Your report also includes links to additional resources for further exploration and discovery.

Important Note: The Strong Interest Inventory® is a restricted psychological instrument. The Report may only be purchased, administered, and interpreted by a practitioner who is Strong Interest Inventory® Certified, such as myself.

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