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Client Praise

Hear from a few of the 1,000+ clients who have let me caffeinate their careers and lives…

Working with Kyle was such a pleasure! His infectious spirit and no-nonsense career coaching helped me identify and push through my self-limiting career beliefs, and strengthen my resolve to show up more fully as an open and public Queer person in a corporate world oriented towards othering, silencing, and shutting us out of the halls of power. I’ve never been so “out” at work and in my career, and I can’t imagine ever going back in the closet just for the sake of a job. And I have Kyle to thank for that!

—Britt East, Marketing & E-commerce Leader

Working with Kyle truly changed the trajectory of my career. His insights, experience, support, and guidance took my resumé and interview strategy to the next level, and led me to landing my first C-Suite role. I’ve recommended him to countless friends and colleagues, all who have had similarly transformative experiences. He’s just the best!

—Alicia Mullin, Operations & Marketing Executive

Dr. Kyle was amazing to work with. There were many tips and tricks that he taught me about exploring the job market but the most impactful result I achieved with him was the confidence to talk about myself and tell the stories of my achievements. His coaching helped me put the me, myself, and I at the forefront of my narrative to unlock my confidence.

—Brian Boon, Engineering Leader

Kyle was a joy to work with. The job search can be an overwhelming process but Kyle always made me supported and comfortable with the process. I always looked forward to our sessions and made sure to get the most out of them. Because of our coaching, I was able to find the confidence I needed to transition for a long standing job to a new career path with greater mobility and higher pay.

—Matthew Wasserman, Product Marketing Leader

I highly recommend Kyle. I needed last-minute assistance in getting ready for a job interview. It was 15 years since my last one, and this time, I was transitioning from a small to a much larger organization. I booked the sessions to gain a better understanding of what to expect during the various interview stages – however, I learned a lot more than I expected from those sessions. The knowledge and skills I acquired went beyond just the basics of interviewing. Kyle is fabulous.

—Andrew Wisniewski, Engineering Executive

I worked with Kyle a while ago when I was transitioning to a more technical role in high tech. I was first reluctant to invest in and work with a coach; it took me over a year to gather the courage to reach out! And how glad I am that I did. Kyle is great to work with and is awesome at extracting what truly makes you fabulous. He is methodical, intentional, and easy to work with. I can’t recommend him enough!

—Yumn Abduljawad, Technical Program Manager

Dr. Kyle is a top-tier executive coach who can turbo boost your career or get you unstuck from day one. He is very skilled at asking open-ended, pointed questions that will get you unearthing the answers you’ve been searching for. He is a great communicator and has an uncanny ability to see the big picture behind a busy executive’s daily struggles.

Through our work together, I’ve greatly improved on my time and employee management, navigating difficult conversations, goal setting, exploring career change, and even rest and recovery, which didn’t come naturally to me.

—Goksenin Ozturkeri, Investment Executive

Kyle is an amazing coach who understands how to partner with you to strategically navigate your career.

We worked together as I was exploring pivoting my career. During our conversations he was able to steer me in the right direction. What I learned during the process was that I am passionate about my profession and that I needed to lean more into my areas of strengths.

His biggest strength is that he is a strong communicator. He has the ability to ask amazing questions and actively listen and hold a mirror to you when you are starting to go down a different direction. He also supplemented our conversations with insightful articles.

I highly recommend Kyle if you are looking to become crystal clear on your career goals and are looking for a thought partner to enable you to articulate your strengths in the marketplace.

—Zarah Gulamhusein, Human Resources Executive

Kyle is a fantastic career coach and I can’t recommend him enough! I worked with Kyle during a career transition where I wanted to really reflect on and align my job search with my long term career goals. Kyle helped me through this process over several months and really challenged me to dig deeper on what I was looking for. He was a great sounding board for ideas and asked great questions which made me pause and evaluate what mattered most to me. Kyle helped me narrow down on a role that I’m really excited about, and he helped me develop a better understanding of what’s important to me. I highly recommend Kyle as a coach!

—Alex Rybak, Engineering Leader

Working with Kyle is the best money I’ve ever spent on my career. He asked incredibly thoughtful questions that pushed me to think about myself in ways I never had before. He unlocked a confidence in my skills and value that I simply didn’t have prior to working with him. What’s best is he never TOLD me what to do or how to communicate about myself, he patiently worked with me so I could figure it out for myself.

—Kate Whitney, Business Strategy & Operations Executive

I knew I needed to change my stale approach to job searching but I couldn’t find the right way to start. Until a good friend enthusiastically recommended Kyle. Kyle’s approach is to be the best kind of partner, encouraging you to lean into discomfort and helping you to focus on your strengths and abilities. He’s not there to impose a cookie-cutter plan, rather he provides the support so you can take control and make it — dare I say it — an enjoyable journey. The whole situation becomes less daunting, you find out what you’re capable of, and will be surprised how easy it is to make it yours. When something that’s usually grinding work becomes rewarding you know you’re in good hands!

—Lindsey Milberg, Sales Director

Kyle has definitely found his calling. I worked with Kyle after losing my job of 12+ years during the pandemic. He helped me focus on what I wanted out of my next career, craft a compelling resume and cover letter, and work on my interview skills…and he made the entire process fun. He was engaging, personable, very insightful, beyond knowledgeable, and just a pure pleasure to work with. I couldn’t sing his praises more.

—Simona Kilgour, Chief of Staff

I worked with Kyle to find my recent executive role as Chief Product Officer. He helped me home in on the type of role I wanted (which included saying no to several opportunities!) and got me mentally prepared to interview and show off what makes me fabulous! Kyle was part advisor, part coach, part therapist, and part cheerleader. It was a really great experience where I learned a lot about myself. Highly recommend!!

—Zac Hays, Chief Product Officer

I worked with Kyle a few years back to help with my resume and just overall job search. I have a very non-traditional and diverse background, and Kyle took the time to help me articulate myself and my own experience, and really bring the best out of myself.

Sometimes you just really need someone to believe you to help yourself believe in yourself! Career coaching is so much more than resumes! And Kyle probably spent most of his time helping me find myself, my worth, and help me articulate my experience more than anything. Thank you for being the awesome person you are!

If you need a career coach, Kyle is the one!

—Wynona Benson, Product Marketing Director

My experience working with Caffeinated Kyle is a 5 out of 5! I landed my dream job at Google and he was incredibly helpful through the whole process. Here is more specific feedback:

  • He is extremely professional: He has worksheets to help think through stories and get the pitch right that was much-needed structure.
  • He is knowledgeable: I had a lot of hard questions from him on a range of topics — resume building, negotiations, sorting through which companies to choose, etc and he was able to guide with all of it
  • He is enjoyable to work with: Our interactions were fun and enjoyable — making a very hard process much nicer
  • His coaching skills are top-notch: I hire a lot of coaches, but he has a way about him and he is one of the best I’ve come across. He asked great questions and probed me to take risks I wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • He is a fabulous human: I expected to get the job I love, but what I didn’t expect is he also helped me grow as a person in the process and I took important risks in my personal/work life I wouldn’t have otherwise
  • He was very available: Even though he has plenty going on, he was always there for me when I needed urgent /time-sensitive responses as I went through the process (he plans ahead and reserves space for clients to be able to do this)

100% worth it! So grateful for my new job that I love.

—Jessica Kosturko, Senior Engineering Manager

Kyle is an awesome – amazing – incredible – invaluable capabilities multiplier. He is the first person to teach me — or even address — how I should shape and deliver my experiences and stories such that the community with which I’m speaking is engaged, aligned, and entertained… I can’t thank Kyle enough for his help in ensuring my transition to the next level. If you want a transformative, magical experience, sit down with Kyle. I’m telling everyone I know. He’s simply the best.

—Nick Broussard, Program Manager

Kyle is a fantastic coach and thought partner. He struck the perfect balance between asking tough questions and being deeply encouraging. I give Kyle my highest recommendation!

—Kathleen Hatch Allen, Senior Program Manager

Kyle was an amazing partner in my journey to an exciting new role. He really helped me deep-dive into my 20+ years of experience and craft a compelling story around my accomplishments both from a business perspective and in leading teams… I highly recommend Kyle as a resource.

—Brenda Lowe Gruenberger, Senior Retail Executive

One thing I quickly realized is Kyle provides quality results. He personally provides the best one on one experience with his clients… Every time we met Kyle was extremely motivating, and pushed me to think outside of the box without a doubt… Overall, he is an expert in what he does and I could not recommend him enough.

—Richard Dziuk, Account Executive

I highly recommend Kyle, however only if you desire to work with someone who is at the absolute top of their game. Kyle has high expectations for himself and his business, he also has for expectations his clients.

When working with Kyle you can expect someone 100% invested & interested in what you need/want, someone with a proven track record of success, and someone that will hold you accountable. I’m impressed with Kyle’s system and process, his execution is second to none.

On top of all that Kyle is a wonderful human being that the world could use many more of. Kyle will be a resource to me for years to come…

—Jason Boyles, Sales Executive

Kyle helped me re-imagine a LinkedIn presence that truly reflects the pivot of my career trajectory. If you are looking for someone to truly put in his “creative genius” (to quote Kyle) to use for you and you don’t want to feel like another profile/resume on the assembly line, Kyle is the one to call! Warning: be prepared to be challenged and stretched as you really do have to put in effort to get the most out of the engagement.

—Rodi Tountcheva, Digital & Organizational Transformational Leader

Kyle is incredible. I wanted to transition my career from being a full time creative to working in creator tech. My session with him was honestly so clarifying and powerful, I am so thankful! Our work helped me land a dream job with an amazing team at Google, I couldn’t be happier.

—Cristi Renae Vaughn, Creator Success Lead & Songwriter

I hired Kyle for a last minute interview after seeing his portfolio and great reviews. By the end of our first session I was impressed by Kyle’s ability to identify the areas of improvement – surprisingly not the ones I thought about – followed by a direct and concise follow up. He is direct, precise and his ability to ask the right questions is amazing. Needless to say I landed the job I wanted, and cannot be happier about it.

—Camilo Cadena, Engineering Manager

Kyle is part therapist, part career coach, and fully amazing at helping his clients identify and understand what makes them fabulous. I gained clarity and insight into my professional aspirations, and a beautifully overhauled resume that immediately snagged interviews. Kyle’s also just a lovely person to know — highly recommend!

—Becca Amrani, Global Operations Executive

Kyle was absolutely amazing and easy to work with. He took this girl who was afraid to shine and show her worth and allowed me to flourish through my LinkedIn profile. I believe I have him to thank for helping land my dream role at Meta!

—Tiffani Destiné, Meta Recruiter

Kyle is simply the best talent money can buy, and if you have a chance to get him to be part of your career team — don’t think twice. Kyle is a wordsmith, and industry expert, and a sharp mind… I’ve scored multiple jobs and pay increases with a leg up from the resume Kyle created for me. I highly recommend him for any career/interview/coaching focused work. Anyone would be lucky to work with him!

—Roberta Davenport, Partner/Customer Success & Enablement Leader

Struggling to manage all of the work I already had, I reached out to Kyle to help me create better balance in my business and personal life. Together we identified what made me fabulous and built a plan to focus on that. I’m great at bringing out the best in others, but struggled doing that for myself and Kyle helped me define it and rock it! Solopreneurs often benefit from having an objective eye to help us see what we cannot see for ourselves and Kyle offered discovery and insight with sincerity, motivation, and support — thank you Kyle!

—Cathy Lanzalaco, Career Coach & Personal Branding Specialist

Are you considering hiring a coach? Do it. Are you considering hiring Kyle as your coach? DO IT.

I didn’t think I was “important enough” to need or benefit from coaching. But I read Kyle’s website and one line kept jumping out at me — that most of his clients come to him from a place of “I feel stuck.” That was me!

In just a few sessions, Kyle helped me address the inertia and lack of confidence that was holding me back. He also gave me the tools I needed to be considered for the jobs I wanted, jobs that would help me move in the right direction with my career. His approach weaves together both the emotional and the practical changes I had to make to get unstuck and take the next steps.

We laughed, we (okay, I) cried, we celebrated my job offers (yes, plural). Add Kyle to your team, already, and make some moves.

—Kit Chaffin, Marketing Manager

Kyle’s career coaching is unparalleled in the industry… My career path has been diverse, including sales, business development and marketing leadership roles, in multiple segments of healthcare and IT… Using his process, Kyle was able to help me see my experience through a completely different lens and summarize my career in a compelling, concise story. He is personable, friendly, patient and a pleasure to work with! The investment in his services was a no-brainer and has paid dividends 10x’s over.

—Teresa Pugliese, Sales & Business Development Executive

Working with Kyle was a dream! He is kind, intuitive, challenging, and extremely talented. The process he has created with his clients is very efficient and, more importantly, it works. I landed the exact role I wanted as the next step in my career within months of starting our work together. Kyle truly helps you to put your best foot forward, hone in on what matters most, and ensures that your most relevant experience shines through. Kyle is professional but at this point, I also consider him a friend. He has been so generous with his talent and time, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to continue to work with him. I highly recommend Kyle!

—Michelle Focarazzo, Customer Success Executive

As a recruiter and job search strategist, I HAD to have someone who had a successful thriving business AND that TRULY understood my clients — aka job seekers! Over the time we worked together, he helped me smash my 3-6 months personal and professional goals. He helped me lean into my natural universe-given talents and helped me see my areas of strength ALL while helping me get my operations, systems and overall business organized, and profitable! Kyle was so giving in his wisdom and insights Thank you Kyle for ALL you have done to support me along this journey.

—Anna, Recruiter & Job Search Strategist

I enjoyed working with Kyle. He was very helpful with my preparation for my interviews. He assisted me in crafting powerful stories so that I could stand out better as a candidate. He pushed me to identify what sets me apart from other candidates and how to show how fabulous I am. He encouraged me to demonstrate what I did, what was my impact, how I could add value to the organization, and to tie it back to the role. He was very responsive anytime I reached out with questions or needed some advice regarding my interviews, which I greatly appreciated it. He brought a positive attitude, which was very welcome during a stressful job search process.

—Brandon Wasserman, Operations Executive

I highly recommend choosing Kyle to help you transition to your next career. Kyle has the ability to listen and to ask the right questions to help you see your actual potential and then he helps you reach your goals. While I hope to not need to find another job soon, if I ever need to make a career change again, Kyle will be the first person I call! Thank you Kyle!

—Dr. Sharon Goldrup, Nonprofit Executive

Kyle nailed it! My resume was bland and too broad for the tech company roles I focused my job search around. Kyle’s value goes beyond just updating your resume. He took the time to speak with me and really listened to understand my experiences and what I wanted my resume to focus on. He asked great questions to better understand my job search goals and provided valuable insights on what is important to me. Kyle took all this information and completely transformed my resume! The end product was a focused resume that aligned with my job search goals and helped me land my new role with a high tech company! Connect with Kyle if you want to learn what makes you fabulous, he is brilliant!

—Marcella Barry, Human Resources Executive

I was lucky enough to work with Kyle last year and I can’t even put into words the difference that Kyle made in my job search! Kyle is one of the most amazing humans you will ever meet, after being in a slump and burnt out during my pandemic job search Kyle reminded me of all the great things that made me an awesome candidate. Kyle has perfected the process and it makes working with him so easy, from the prework to the phone calls that feel like you’re just chatting with a friend, he gathers all the information necessary to really tailor your resume to showcase your experience for the positions that you’re applying for. If you’re looking for a Coach that is going to really get to know you and help you get your dream job, you’ve found him!

—Viviana Jackelin Mendoza, Marketing Manager

Kyle was exactly what I needed when I needed it. I had a goal to change jobs and I was having mediocre success at getting attention and landing interviews but it wasn’t for jobs that really interested me. Then I started working with Kyle and the opportunities just started rolling in. I left each session with him with action items and full of positivity. Following his methods I landed multiple interviews. I went from not really knowing what I wanted, to knowing exactly what I wanted and obtaining it. I highly recommend investing in yourself and working with him!

—Charlotte Shimko, Product Management Executive

I cannot put into words what a massive difference Kyle made in my job search. After working with Kyle, I applied for ten leadership jobs on a Friday and had responses from six of them on Monday. I ended up with three offers in one week! I did not realize how many critical details I had been leaving out of my resume, cover letters and my LinkedIn profile. Working with Kyle also made me realize I was qualified for jobs I previously shied away from and to do so with confidence. Do not hesitate to make this investment in yourself. He is worth every penny.

—Stefany Martin, Product Marketing Executive

I had the opportunity and gift to work with Kyle on my most recent search. He was a willing partner in the search process and is a true advocate for his clients and helps all his clients shine. I had issues with making my background shine and he totally transformed this into a strength. When my friends approach me about navigating a job search, the first thing is say is to book time with Kyle.

—Sarav Subramani, Product Management Executive

Kyle has made the job search process more positive and more straightforward than I ever expected. His professionalism and obvious industry experience plus his friendliness and warmth were the perfect combination to provide a genuinely great interaction. The job search is hard! There are so many elements both personal and professional and Kyle is able to guide you through them all by supporting your whole self. He is efficient and timely, staying on schedule and delivering high quality results. He was able to understand me and help me build my brand just from one phone call because he has so much experience and creativity. I really enjoyed the process and am so pleased with my revised resume and LinkedIn profile. Thanks Kyle!

—Hannah Webb, Global Program Manager

Kyle and I have known each other for many years and he still pushes me to get creative and to think outside of the box. He provides honest feedback and has coached me all throughout my job hunt process. I landed a job at a Fortune 500 company, where I leaned on Kyle for his expertise, guidance, and support. He helped build my confidence and prepared me for top interviews. I would HIGHLY recommend Kyle to anyone who needs additional support through mentoring, coaching, or simply someone trying to figure out their next career steps.

—Kristina Caballero, Account Executive

Kyle is incredibly amazing and talented at what he does. He was able to rebuild my resume to be tailored to the role I knew I was qualified for but just couldn’t get the right words on paper. Additionally, he guided my way through interviews. Not only is Kyle a great partner to work with, he truly becomes your #1 cheerleader during a tough time of transition. I highly recommend Kyle if you’re looking for a coach who will provide you with all the tools you need to land your dream job.

—Pia Rodil, Events Marketing Leader

There are two words that describe Kyle 1. FABULOUS and 2. AUTHENTIC. I “met” Kyle on a Career Thought Leaders Forum and reached out to him for business mentoring back in March. He challenged me out of my comfort zone and was my champion from the get go. I learned so much about the resume writing business from him and was able to put all his advice and coaching into practice for my own resume business. He helped me with confidence in pricing, getting away from a scarcity mindset, and defining my unique value offering in a pretty saturated market. With Kyle’s coaching, I was able to increase my monthly revenue and grow my business.

—Ashley Milano, Resume & LinkedIn Writer

Kyle and his coaching is truly one of a kind! The only way to put it is this: Kyle changed my life. Working with him made the impossible possible: I was able to sign on my very first high-end clients in just after a few months of coaching together. Not just that but Kyle helped me realize my dreams of living abroad for 6 months, and helped me build the foundations to my eventual + inevitable 6 figure business.

Thanks to Kyle, I gained confidence in my coaching and belief in my own brilliance and fabulousness! Without him, I probably would’ve still been too scared to announce to the world that I coach Asian Americans. What I love about Kyle is his kindness and his unique way of challenging you that makes it so effective.

Working with Kyle has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would highly recommend Kyle if you’re looking to level up in your business — not only that, but you’ll experience a total life transformation as well!

—Yunzhe Zhou, Business & Creative Career Coach

Kyle is a master at his craft. He has the patience of a saint and truly listens to you to pull out the best details to wordsmith it into resume gold! It doesn’t matter if you are a current client or past client, Kyle always finds the time to check in regularly because he cares about you as a human. I will absolutely work with Kyle again in the future.

—Nancy Roberts, International Marketing Executive

Kyle is a gifted coach, communicator, and strategist. My favorite part of working with him is how he enables and empowers me to reach my goals, rather than leading with his own advice. He comes prepared to each session and seamlessly covers the strategic and tactical elements of a job search. Over the span of just a few sessions, I felt like I had known Kyle for years. Based on our work together, I’m convinced coaching is one of the best investments I’ve made.

—Jackson Larango, Senior Program Manager

After several years with the same company my resume and LinkedIn were in need of some TLC. Kyle took the time to understand what my needs were, and we put together a plan that would help execute those plans. Throughout the entire process Kyle always stayed in touch and followed up on our progress. Kyle has a knack for words, and ways to express experiences that truly represented who I am.

—Andrew Bournazos, Sales Executive Job Search Launch Guide

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