Hear from those who have let me caffeinate their careers and lives…

Kyle is a master at his craft. He has the patience of a saint and truly listens to you to pull out the best details to wordsmith it into resume gold! It doesn’t matter if you are a current client or past client, Kyle always finds the time to check in regularly because he cares about you as a human. I will absolutely work with Kyle again in the future.

—Nancy Roberts, International Marketing Executive

Working with Kyle is a true partnership. When I decided it was time to take that big leap forward in my career, I had been at my previous employer 12+ years, and honestly, felt a bit lost on how to best market myself and leverage my network for a Senior Leadership role. Kyle coached me through the entire process and not only did an incredible job with my resume and LinkedIn page, but more importantly, he helped to boost my confidence and coach me through those times when you apply, apply, apply and feel stuck or frustrated. I knew I was talented and good enough, but Kyle has that unique way of cutting through all of the noise in your head and helping you realize your FABULOUSNESS!!

—Mandy Garner, Marketing Executive

Working with Kyle was a rare opportunity to come across a great human being. Kyle is a fantastic professional who helped me tremendously with my new version of my resume and LinkedIn profile. It was indeed a great experience to work with him during this process. Kyle’s capability to re-write my documents and compile all the information within a short time with soberness was quite impressive to me. Besides that, Kyle, with his unwavering confidence, made me assured of the best pieces of advice even when there were few options to employ.

—Emilio Machado, Sales Executive

Kyle is a gifted coach, communicator, and strategist. My favorite part of working with him is how he enables and empowers me to reach my goals, rather than leading with his own advice. He comes prepared to each session and seamlessly covers the strategic and tactical elements of a job search. Over the span of just a few sessions, I felt like I had known Kyle for years. Based on our work together, I’m convinced coaching is one of the best investments I’ve made.

—Jackson Larango, Marketing Specialist

Kyle is the real deal! In 2019, I was moving to another state and was searching for my next HR and recruiting adventure. I had heard great things about Kyle and decided to give his career coaching a try. From the get-go, I was floored – Kyle did an incredible job helping me smoothly navigate through each step of my job search. He’s a natural at making people feel confident and excited. Through Kyle’s coaching, I was able to secure a job, at a higher pay than I was originally targeting, before I even made my move!

—Zain Gaziani, Team GaryVee

Kyle is an amazing coach and he really helps you to dive deeper into your fears and what is holding you back from being all that you can be. He helped me gain the confidence to raise my prices to reflect my work and I have already doubled my previously monthly revenue in only 4 sessions with him.

—Caitlin Outen, Career Coach & Resume Writer

Kyle is great at his craft! He cares about his clients and has been instrumental in my development from the beginning of working together. I highly recommend his services to anyone considering them.

—Jordan Carroll, Remote Job Coach

Kyle helped my confidence as a just-starting-out consultant and business owner tremendously… When I reached out to him my practice was going well on the client side, but I was struggling to expand my organization and figure out how this delegation thing works. He was able to quickly, yet gently, identify where I was running into the greatest obstacles. More importantly, he helped me examine why they were there and helped me develop a strategy to overcome them. I truly feel that Kyle’s help made me a better people manager, consultant, employee, and person.

—LB Beth, Business Owner

I hired Kyle as a resume writer after several months of job searching without much traction using my own written resume. From the moment of showing interest in his services Kyle exhibited a high level of professionalism and genuinely wanted to know about me — interests, career goals, and what I had been doing. After hiring him he had my brand new, completed resume to me within 10 days. It blew me away with how amazing it looked. The next day I started applying for jobs and immediately received calls from companies.

—Shelbe Kukowski, HR Leader

Kyle was great to work with — he is friendly, witty and has a very fun flair. He was able to clearly envision my goals for my resume, and edit it so that each word drove towards those goals. He was prompt in his replies and gave clear feedback. I was able to get a job within a few weeks after revamping my resume with Kyle. I would definitely recommend him!

—Nikki Dance, Marketing Professional

After several years with the same company my resume and LinkedIn were in need of some TLC. Kyle took the time to understand what my needs were, and we put together a plan that would help execute those plans. Throughout the entire process Kyle always stayed in touch and followed up on our progress. Kyle has a knack for words, and ways to express experiences that truly represented who I am.

—Andrew Bournazos, Sales Executive

Kyle is very professional and absolutely pleasant to work with. As a non-native English speaker, Kyle helped me polish my resume and prepare the job interview. I got my job offer after two sessions with Kyle. He is also very responsive and makes sure that I have every question answered. I would recommend Kyle to anyone who’s so close to their dream job.

—Ellie Chang, UI/Visual Designer

I was referred to Kyle when I needed help updating my resume and LinkedIn for a job search. He recommended a Resume Makeover and LinkedIn Makeover, and the results were better than I could have anticipated. He involved me throughout the process and created a resume and LinkedIn that showcased my strengths and experience in a concise, professional manner. Definitely worth the investment!

—Helen Camp, Executive Assistant

I could not be any happier with the end-products of my project. He has applied his skills in career coaching and professional development to support me in completing my applications for graduate school and a scholarship. His flexibility, level of detail, and overall guidance for crafting the strongest case for your candidacy for a new position or school program is evident. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone who is considering applying to a new job or going back to school and is wanting only the best of the best for reaching their goals.

—Daryl Mangosing, Public Health Professional

When is the last time that you had to create a resume? If you are like me it has been many years. Now take the time to not only create a resume in this new day and age but create a “C” level resume from scratch. This was the task upon my plate… A few days after I had published it [the completed resume] online I was receiving multiple calls and eventually took a new gig. I highly recommend working with Kyle.

—Donald Dunning, Finance Executive

Kyle’s attention to detail is impeccable, and he has a genuine desire to help out each and every one of his clients. When I asked Kyle for a LinkedIn critique, I was blown away by the magnitude of attention that he gave to each aspect of my profile, and I was so appreciative of the specific feedback he provided. Not only did I walk away with a drastically improved profile, but I felt like he was genuinely invested in my professional growth and cared about me as a human (which, sadly is not the norm in Kyle’s industry!) I highly recommend Kyle as a career coach, writer, and editor!

—Ivy Kuo, Product Marketing Specialist

I found Kyle on LinkedIn and decided to go with him after our free consultation session. Kyle is extremely charismatic and full of energy. And he really cares about his clients and what they want to achieve. Kyle does not stick to a certain program like many other coaches do, rather he tailors each session to your specific need, what your goal is and how far down the road you are. And he wastes no time! I found his coaching style very effective, especially for someone that was in my situation (fresh college graduate). Through our sessions, I was really able to learn a lot from Kyle as well as figuring things out for myself and where I want my career to head. With Kyle’s guidance and help, I was able to get an offer from in an industry I am very passionate about at an awesome company.

—Eric Wang, Credit Analyst

Kyle is different from the typical resume writer. He won’t just throw your info into a resume template. He really works to understand and improve the professional and personal identities of his clients and then presents them in a unique and creative way to prospective employers. Kyle delivers a resume that is different than the typical. And for me, it’s led to outstanding results.

—Benjamin Hartel, Business Development Executive

Kyle is a wonderful and highly professional career coach. In a very short time he was able to help me improve myself with my most recent job search. Thanks in part to his help, I can now say I am finally working in my dream role!

—Courtney Blondin, Marketing Professional

I highly recommend working with Kyle if you are looking to pursue new career opportunities. He is very knowledgeable and provides great feedback with writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles. I only expected to update my resume but I got so much in return. Kyle took the time to get to know me and help me identify what career path I wanted to pursue next and the transferable skills I have from my current position. He also took the time out of our sessions to keep providing me guidance with my resume and help me connect to other professionals in different career industries which shows he truly values his clients and wants them to be successful! I would love to with Kyle again in the future!

—Stephanie Bianchi, Sales Leader

Kyle’s LinkedIn Workshop was very informative and helpful. Great teacher and great class! I would highly recommend this class for people interested in learning how to network using LinkedIn.

—Kyla Gerbacio, Quality Assurance Professional

Kyle is the ultimate professional and is an absolute pleasure to work with. From the first time we spoke he made me feel comfortable sharing and opening my past experiences and writing up to critique. His feedback was always constructive, asking inquisitive and clarifying questions when needed. I’m extremely happy with the final product, and would highly recommend Kyle!

—Ilana Rosen, Account Executive

I attended one of Kyle’s workshops on how to use LinkedIn. He is a very engaging presenter with a lot of great information to share. I enjoyed the session and look forward to attending Kyle’s future workshops. I would recommend Kyle to anyone looking for that next opportunity who wants to improve their brand and marketing strategies.

—Ken Lambert, IT Executive

Kyle is great to work with, a true professional. I utilized Kyle for resume review and cover letter writing services and could not be happier. For my resume, he provided detailed feedback and examples of other resumes used by professionals similar to myself. With my cover letter, I let Kyle take the reins and he hit it out of the park! He is mindful of the deadlines you set and is very responsive to emails. Would definitely work with Kyle again.

—Zachary Kramer, Public Relations

I had a fantastic experience with Kyle who helped revamp my LinkedIn profile. I appreciated Kyle’s personable approach and his thorough and tailored recommendations. He is also great at checking-in, making sure I was happy or if I had any questions, and is always quick to respond (even on weekends!). Highly recommend.

—Jennifer Wu, Marketing Professional

Working with Kyle was an absolute pleasure. He hit many nails on the head with his points, and his feedback was priceless. He has been completely thorough, and the results were fantastic! I’ve received many a compliment, as a result, though I take no credit. His response time to questions, as well as the deadlines he set, are spot on. He was absolutely correct, when he said marketing professional like me have difficulty writing their own resumes. I had reached a point where even looking at filled me with dread. Kyle did a far better job redoing my resume than I could ever have done on my own. I fully plan to invest more in his services in the near future, and I highly recommend Kyle to anyone who’s looking to revamp themselves professionally!

—Lutz Wong, Marketing Leader

As an international professional, it was difficult for me to judge how resumes were expected in the U.S…. Kyle took my project with utmost tenacity. I gave him my old resume and he rewrote it highlighting my strengths and achievements in a clear and concise way. I would recommend Kyle for resume writing and consulting.

—Denil Patel, Finance Professional

Kyle and his professional incite was exactly what I was looking for to redo my resume. With his understanding of current industry trends and his feedback on providing exactly the services I needed to take my resume to the next level where spot on. All along the process, Kyle was professionally critical in providing the direction that I needed to go and I am very excited to use my new resume as a tool to land my dream job!

—Joshua Gallimore, Healthcare Professional

I recently worked with Mr. Elliott on a single round of resume review and I’ve come away from the experience very satisfied! Kyle proved to be very professional and super friendly, which instantly made him easy to talk to. He gave me quite a bit of insight on how best to tweak my resume so that it stands out – and in the tech industry, it really pays to have your resume noticed.

—Krithika Raghavendran, IT Professional