How To Get More Recruiters To Contact You On LinkedIn

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“How do I get more recruiters to contact me on LinkedIn?”

Whether you’re actively looking for a new role or simply want to keep your options open, it feels nice to have recruiters message you with job openings.

However, if you’re not regularly receiving messages from recruiters on LinkedIn, you might be wondering whether you’re doing something wrong on the platform.

Keep reading to learn why recruiters may not be contacting you on LinkedIn and five proven steps you can take to show up in more searches.

Is It Normal For Recruiters To Contact You On LinkedIn?

With a well-crafted, keyword-optimized profile, you can expect to get contacted by prospective employers on LinkedIn.

In fact, larger tech companies often employ sourcing recruiters, or sourcers, who are responsible for identifying and reaching out to candidates to fill open positions. These individuals may reach out to you to schedule an interview directly with a recruiter or encourage you to apply for a position through the company’s Careers page.

Of course, you’ll want to be cautious of potential online job scams and never provide confidential information via LinkedIn or pay for anything out of pocket. Also, always make sure you’re applying directly through the company’s Careers page.

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Why Don’t Recruiters Contact Me On LinkedIn?

But what if you’re not receiving messages from recruiters on LinkedIn?

The most likely reason recruiters aren’t reaching out to you on the platform is that they can’t find you!

Simply put, LinkedIn is like a large digital filing cabinet, and failing to include the right keywords in your profile can make it challenging for prospective employers to locate your “file” (i.e. LinkedIn profile).

Thankfully, some small yet meaningful tweaks to your profile can help you show up in more LinkedIn searches and increase the number of recruiters who contact you.

How Do I Show Up On More LinkedIn Searches?

Your profile needs to be keyword-optimized if you want to appear in additional LinkedIn searches. A few of the most important sections to focus your attention on are your headline, About section, and Experience section.

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How To Show Up On More LinkedIn Searches

Importantly, you don’t want to just add a laundry list of keywords to your profile; you want to strategically weave them throughout your profile so recruiters can see your expertise in action.

1. Optimize your headline for searchability.

You can begin to optimize your profile by focusing on your headline, where you’ll want to include both your target job titles and relevant keywords that a recruiter or sourcer may type in the search bar to find candidates for their open requisitions.

For instance, if you’re a product leader targeting CPO role, you want to include “Chief Product Officer” in your headline. You might also include keywords like “product strategy” and “product team leadership.”

2. Build out your About section.

Your About section is another opportunity to incorporate keywords that will enable recruiters to find you on LinkedIn. While it takes a bit of effort to craft a polished About section, it will pay off since doing so can really help you appear in additional searches.

Like your headline, you want to include your target positions. Because the character limit is less restricted for your About section, you can list several titles, such as “Chief Product Officer (CPO), Vice President of Product, Head of Product.”

You can also list additional relevant skills that you could not fit in your headline at the end of your About section in a part that you might title something like “Areas of Expertise.”

3. Intentionally craft your Experience section.

You can further capture the attention of recruiters by building out and optimizing your Experience section.

I might sound like a broken record here, but it’s because an optimized Experience section works to get additional people to view your LinkedIn profile. You want to weave your target job titles and relevant keywords throughout your Experience section, too.

You may be tempted to copy and paste your resume content into your LinkedIn profile, but this won’t do you justice, as your resume isn’t optimized for the platform’s search engine.

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Instead, you want to provide just enough detail in your About section to entice a recruiter to invite you to apply for an open role or even schedule an interview.

4. Update your Career Interests.

LinkedIn’s Career Interests feature is another powerful opportunity to attract the attention of recruiters and prospective employers.

As of writing this article, you can set your preferences across:

  • Job titles
  • Location types (On-site, Hybrid, Remote)
  • Locations
  • Start date (Immediately, Flexible)
  • Employment types (Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Internship, Temporary)

If you’re confidentially looking for a job, you’ll want to switch the visibility to “Recruiters only.” The platform states that your setting will be “limited to people using LinkedIn Recruiter,” but reminds you that “while [LinkedIn] takes steps not to show recruiters at your current company, [LinkedIn] can’t guarantee complete privacy.”

5. Include a profile picture.

You also want to ensure you have uploaded a profile photo if you expect recruiters to message you on the platform.

According to the platform, profiles with a picture:

  • Receive up to 36 times more inbound messages
  • Get viewed up to 21 times more often by fellow LinkedIn users
  • Garner up to 9 times more connection requests

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While updating your profile, you can also create a LinkedIn banner. Although a custom LinkedIn background photo isn’t mandatory, it’s one of the first areas a recruiter will see when viewing your profile, so it’s an extra opportunity to showcase your brand.

How Do I Maximize My Visibility On LinkedIn?

Let’s summarize. You can maximize your visibility on LinkedIn by crafting a keyword-rich profile that makes it easy for recruiters to find you. Notably, you want to weave your target job titles and areas of expertise throughout your profile, rather than only listing a string of keywords at the end of each section.

Also, in addition to passively waiting for people to find you on the platform, you can actively reach out to recruiters. One of the benefits of LinkedIn is that hundreds of millions of fellow users are a single click away.

Beyond recruiters, don’t hesitate to contact hiring managers and other contacts at your target companies. You can request an informational interview to learn more about the company and culture as well as application and interview processes.

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Final Thoughts

Lastly, it’s possible recruiters are contacting you on LinkedIn and you’re simply not seeing their messages. This may sound unlikely, but the platform’s user interface can make it easy to miss a message, so don’t hesitate to check all your message folders.

I recognize that LinkedIn can feel a bit complicated to navigate, so if you have questions about how to increase your visibility on the platform, please don’t hesitate to contact me or schedule a consultation. I’m here for you! You’ve got this!

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