What To Do When You Get Laid Off From A Job

There are few things more stressful in life than being laid off from a job. How do you rebound from getting laid off? What next steps should you take if you are laid off from a job? How do you get motivated to start looking for a new job?

3 Steps To Take After Getting Laid Off From A Job

As a career coach, here are a few steps I recommend you take after getting laid off from a job:

1. Take time for self-care and self-love before looking for a new job.

While it can be tempting to immediately begin looking for a new job as soon as you are laid off, begin by carving out time for yourself and your mental health. You need to process your lay off regain your confidence before diving into the job search.

In the bigger picture, a day, a week, or a month dedicated to self-care and self-love is unlikely to impact your job search or your pocketbook. Additionally, this time off will ensure you show up as your fabulous self once you do land an informational interview or job interview.

2. Create a job search plan.

After you have taken time to grieve the loss of your job, set aside time to outline your job search plan. Action is a powerful tool to combat the anxiety and fear that often coincide with losing a job. I advise my career coaching clients to spend most of their job search time networking and building relationships.

As my mentor Jill Katz of Assemble HR Consulting describes the key to looking for a job, you want to focus your efforts on ‘relationship searching’ rather than ‘job searching.’ Relationship searching is increasingly important as you progress through your career as more jobs are landed by networking as you rise up the ladder into senior management and executive-level roles.

3. Ask for help with your job search.

Finally, ask your friends, family, former supervisors and colleagues, and mentors for help if you have been laid off from your job. Increase the likeliness of receiving help during your job search by being clear with your call-to-action. “I am interested in Director of Engineering roles at Meta. Who do you know in similar roles?” is an example of a clear call to action.

Remember that you are more than your career. Although it will take time, energy, and effort, you will find a new job. You’ve got this!

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