How To Get A Job Fast: 6 Tips To Speed Up Your Search

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Few activities in life feel as time-consuming and mentally draining as looking for a new job, particularly if you’re unemployed or underemployed. It seems to take forever, and in fact, the average job search length hovers around five months.

Are there steps you can take to speed up your job search and land a new role faster? 

How To Get A Job Fast

While there’s only so much you can control, here are six ways to speed up your search and land a new job quicker:

1. Get crystal clear on your target role.

First and foremost, you want to get clear on what you want in your next job, which requires not only having a sense of the type of position you’re after, but also your ideal company and work culture.

Although you might be tempted to cast a wide net in the hopes of landing a new role quicker, this can quickly backfire, as companies want people with specialized skills. You’ll land a job faster if you narrow your job search target toward a specific role.

You can think of your target role as a location you’re adding to a GPS — your drive will be most efficient if you set a single destination!

2. Craft a targeted resume — and learn how to customize it.

Next, you want to ensure that your resume is tailored toward your target role and company type.

It’s important that you use language directly from the job postings that you’re targeting, too, as this will make it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to understand the relevance of your experience.

Then, each time you apply for an opening, you want to customize your resume to the specific role. As I’ve shared previously, this doesn’t need to be a laborious process, since you can simply set a timer for 20 minutes and strategically add keywords from the target job posting throughout your resume.

3. Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

While you’re at it, take note of whether your LinkedIn profile is updated and optimized, as you want to be found by employers sourcing talent on the platform. If your profile is outdated or missing important keywords, it can be difficult for recruiters and hiring managers to find you, which may result in being inadvertently skipped over for opportunities.

Taking the time to craft a profile that is keyword-optimized and searchable on the platform can dramatically increase the chance of receiving interview offers.

If you’re just getting started, pay special attention to updating and optimizing your LinkedIn profile headline, About section, and Experience section.

4. Make the most of networking.

Speaking of LinkedIn, tapping into the power of networking and informational interviews can further speed up your job search.

Warm Introduction Networking

One of the most common networking strategies, sometimes referred to as “warm introduction networking,” involves reaching out to your contacts and requesting an introduction to a contact at the company, most often the hiring manager.

Because you already have existing relationships with these people, your conversion rates will tend to be higher, and these connections can really speed up your job search.

Cold Outreach

A related networking strategy, known as “cold outreach,” requires you to identify your target companies and request an informational interview.

The goal here is to intentionally build your network while also learning more about the company and culture. Then, if the conversation goes well, you can ask for an internal referral link, tips on the application process, or perhaps an introduction to other people at the company, including the hiring manager.

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5. Refine your interview and storytelling skills. 

Now, if you’re receiving interviews but no job offers, you’ll want to spend some time getting up to speed on the latest interview and storytelling strategies.

Begin by outlining your elevator pitch, getting clear on your strengths, and outlining your key talking points. Then, identify specific accomplishments you plan to share during the interview to back up your claims and practice the art of sharing memorable stories in response to behavioral interview questions.

Additionally, if you’re not accustomed to video interviews, be sure to practice speaking into a web camera, and ensure your Zoom background is ready when your big day comes.

6. Hire a career coach to accelerate your job search.

Finally, if you’re still struggling to land a role, or simply want additional strategies to decrease the time it takes to find a job, you may consider partnering with a career coach. Although a coach won’t do all the work for you, they can make the process of finding your next role less stressful and more efficient.

Importantly, you’ll want to hire a coach who is experienced in advising job seekers with a similar background and expertise, as well as a record of supporting professionals in landing roles at your target companies. Additionally, you’ll want to conduct your due diligence to avoid online coaching scams.

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How To Get A Job Fast

Conclusion: How To Get A Job Fast

Although some factors are beyond your control when looking for a new role, you can speed up your job search by taking ownership and focusing on those aspects within your control, like getting clear on your target, optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile, harnessing the power of networking, and practicing your interview and storytelling skills. You’ve got this!

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About Dr. Kyle Elliott

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