8 Ways To Celebrate Landing A New Job

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As a career coach, “How will you celebrate?” is one of the first questions I ask clients after they share that they have landed a new job. I do this because many people forget to acknowledge their wins, and landing a new job is a major victory that deserves a big celebration. Keep reading if you’re asking yourself, “How should I celebrate landing a new job?”

8 Ways To Celebrate Once You Accept A New Job Offer

The following are eight ways to celebrate after giving your two weeks’ notice, many of which were inspired by my own coaching clients after they landed jobs they loved.

1. Take time off.

To begin, if you’re currently employed, consider taking time off before starting your new job. Most employers are flexible with start dates and will be more than understanding if you ask to take 1-2 weeks off before starting your new role. My clients report the respite to be beneficial for their health and well-being and that it allows them to hit the ground running and feel renewed energy at their new employer.

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2. Plan a special trip.

Now, think intentionally about how you want to spend your time before joining your new employer. Even if you are only able to take a single weekend off before starting your new job, be mindful of how you spend it. Is there a special destination that fills your tank? Mine is Disneyland.

You can also use this transition time to schedule a future vacation to celebrate completing your first 3, 6, or 12 months in your new role.

3. Go out for dinner or brunch.

Many of my clients opt for a special dinner after being asked, “How will you celebrate landing your new job?” Treating yourself to your favorite dinner or brunch is a great way to mark the occasion. Personally speaking, I’ve become partial to rooftop brunches in LA since moving to Southern California in late 2020.

4. Spend quality time with your loved ones.

While I’ve been to my share of quality restaurants, I believe that your dining companions are just as much, if not more, important to a good celebration. Consider acknowledging your new job by carving out quality time with your friends and family.

One of my clients, for instance, chose to mark the occasion of securing their first director-level job by taking their kids out for a movie and frozen yogurt.

5. Order (home) office supplies and tech.

As a Virgo, I always appreciate a reason to purchase new office supplies and upgrade to the latest iPhone, and receiving a job offer is a great reason. However, be sure to first check with your new employer before upgrading your supplies and tech, as many offer a stipend or reimbursement for (home) office supplies.

6. Purchase a career development book.

When clients are starting a new role and looking for helpful resources, I frequently recommend they get a copy of The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter by Michael D. Watkins. This instructive book is particularly valuable if you are entering a new industry, as it provides a plethora of guides, checklists, and powerful coaching questions.

7. Post about your new role on social media.

Many job seekers want to celebrate their new role by immediately posting about it on social media. However, I advise waiting until after your probationary period has ended, which is typically 90 days. Then, you can update your LinkedIn profile with your new employer and share the exciting news across your social media platforms.

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8. Invest in an executive coach.

Lastly, many leaders invest in executive coaching when they land new jobs because they’re looking for support as they take on their next challenge, particularly in today’s uncertain labor market. The support of an executive coach can be especially helpful during the first six months as you adjust to your new work environment.

Some employers offer stipends for professional development funds, including a leadership or executive coach. Your employee handbook, manager, or human resources department can provide more information.

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Know that this list is just a jumping-off point. Feel free to get creative and have fun as you celebrate your new job offer. You’ve got this!

About Dr. Kyle Elliott

About Dr. Kyle Elliott

Dr. Kyle Elliott is the founder and career coach behind CaffeinatedKyle.com. His expertise is in Silicon Valley and high-tech. As a result of working with Dr. Elliott, senior managers and executives have landed jobs at Meta, Amazon, Google, and nearly every other tech giant you can imagine.

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