10 Best Websites To Find A Job In Tech

If you are looking for a new job, choosing the best job search engine will likely be an initial step in your journey. I recently broke down how to find a job in tech online and share a few of the best websites to find a job in tech. Now, I want to expand on that list as well as provide additional websites you can use to find a job in the tech industry.

10 Best Websites To Find A Job In Tech

1. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs is one of the best jobs websites on the market to find a job in tech. You can harness the power of LinkedIn to tell if anyone in your network is employed at your target company, is an alumnus, or is connected to someone at the company. You can also use LinkedIn to proactively network with people in your target role.

2. Team Blind

Blind is a community compromised of millions of verified professionals from both startups and giants within the technology industry. Blind is incredibly helpful if you are looking for a job in tech as the site’s Who’s Hiring job board allows members to submit current job openings. Importantly, you do not need to be a verified professional or registered Blind member to access the job board.

3. AngelList

AngelList is a website targeted toward startups, angel investors, and job seekers who wish to work at startups. The site’s job board is a powerful resource for startup jobs in the tech industry. Notably, many of the jobs found on AngelList are exclusive to the site.

4. Built In

Built In is an online community for startups and technology companies. While the site markets both in-person and remote roles, they truly specialize in remote jobs at top tech companies. Additionally, Built In is home to extensive free advice on how to find startup jobs as well as catch up on the latest tech news.

5. Dice

Dice is another good job board for startups and technology companies. The openings on Dice tend to be more technical than other job search engines, so this is a good option for those pursuing a technical role. You will find thousands of engineer, architect, analyst, and developer jobs on Dice.

6. Ladders

Ladders is the best job search engine for executives and those targeting roles that pay more than $100K per year. The site also has specific sections for both tech jobs and remote jobs. Ladders is likely your best bet if you are an executive or six-figure-plus earner.

7. CrunchBoard

CrunchBoard is TechCrunch’s official job board. With TechCrunch powering the platform, you will often find higher quality openings compared to other job search engines out there. Keep in mind that some of the openings on CrunchBoard extend beyond the technology industry.

8. Out In Tech

Out In Tech was specifically created to help to those in the LGBTQ+ tech community find jobs. Out In Tech’s ‘Qorporate’ job board lists opportunities from companies that are supportive of LGBTQ+ people in the tech community. In addition to a job board, Put In Tech releases additional helpful resources and support for LGBTQ+ in tech.

9. FlexJobs

Following the global COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever before are working from home. While not solely focused on tech jobs, FlexJobs is a good website to find a job if you are searching for flexible or remote work. This job search site includes both full-time and part-time roles in addition to employee and freelance positions.

10. Remote Tech Jobs

Remote Tech Jobs is more niche than FlexJobs in that the site focuses on tech employees. Subsequently, Remote Tech Jobs is the perfect job search site if you are a tech employee who works remotely or is considering a transition to remote work.

Choosing the best job search site is only an initial step in your journey to find a new job. Here are additional resources to support you in this adventure:

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