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Facebook groups can be a helpful resource for identifying open roles at your dream company. However, with millions of Facebook groups on the platform and new ones constantly popping up, how do you find the best group to help you find a job? Which groups are high-quality and which ones should you pass on? Keep reading to find out!

11 Best Facebook Groups For Job Seekers

As a career coach, I am often asked for recommendations for Facebook groups to help in finding a job in today’s saturated job market. The following is a compilation of my favorite Facebook groups for job seekers.

I begin the list with industry-agnostic job search groups, followed by communities for women and other historically oppressed populations. Because I specialize in tech and many of my clients are looking for careers in that industry, I then cover Facebook groups for tech and IT professionals. Additionally, with many job seekers wishing to work remotely, I share Facebook communities focused on remote work. Finally, I conclude with a Facebook group for nonprofit professionals and social impact leaders.

As of writing this article, all the groups listed below are (1) currently active and (2) share job postings at least somewhat regularly. When possible, I include direct quotes I obtained from the communities’ founders and moderators.

1. Albert’s Job Listings & Referrals — San Francisco Bay Area

Albert’s Job Listings & Referrals — San Francisco Bay Area Facebook Group

Albert’s List is one of the most robust and active Facebook groups for job seekers. According to the page’s Facebook page, Albert’s List was “founded by Albert Qian, who in 2010 graduated at the tail end of a recession.” The page was created “to do what traditional job boards and his campus career center never achieved: connecting talent to employers.”

Mabel Chan, the group’s co-founder, shares that Albert’s List is “a community of job seekers and experts to provide you feedback and suggestions on what to do in on-the-job or job search strategies.” The Albert’s List LinkedIn company page states that the group is “the San Francisco Bay Area’s most active job search community since 2013.” While the group’s community primarily resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, Albert’s List has additional, location-specific Facebook communities for job seekers:

Chan explains that Albert’s List “offer[s] curated events on the topic of job search.” Additionally, the group facilitates “events for women in tech and networking as well” and has “done career fairs, DEI career fairs, been a part of podcasts, virtual events, and in-person events” in the past, says Chan.

2. Bossed Up Courage Community!

Bossed Up Courage Community! Facebook Group

Emilie Aries, founder and CEO of Bossed Up, says she created the Bossed Up Courage Community! “as a space for women who want to level up their careers and lives but aren’t sure how to get there.” She elaborates, “Got a career conundrum? Odds are, someone in our group has been there before and lived to tell the tale. Our community of courageous women on the rise believe in ‘lifting as we climb’ by sharing practical guidance, resources, and job opportunities, too.”

Aries highlights that the “Facebook group is just one part of the Bossed Up community’s broader ecosystem, which also includes our podcast – with over 350 episodes and 1.3 million downloads and counting! – as well as our comprehensive Free Job Search Guide for women who want to better navigate the intricacies of the modern job search.”

3. Tech Ladies®

Tech Ladies Facebook Group

Tech Ladies® describes itself as “more than just this Facebook group, we’re a community that connects you to the best opportunities in tech.” In addition to joining the Facebook group, I highly recommend checking out the “secret job board,” as it is home to a plethora of high-quality tech job postings from across the United States.

4. Underrepresented in Tech

Underrepresented in Tech Facebook Group

Underrepresented in Tech is one of my favorite Facebook groups for tech job seekers. I particularly appreciate the group’s goal, which is to “[bring] those of us who come from diverse/different backgrounds, experiences, shapes, sizes, colors, abilities, and sexual and gender identities together to share job opportunities and thoughtful discussion in the tech world.”

5. IT Jobs in Canada, USA, UK, and more

IT Jobs in Canada, USA, UK, and more Facebook Group

As the name implies, this Facebook group focuses primarily on sharing IT jobs in North America and the UK. Javier Ciocci, the community’s creator, shares that what makes this group special is the fact that “the group has only IT job posts.” Furthermore, all posts are approved by Ciocci before appearing in the group. As of writing this article, there were a handful of quality six-figure career opportunities that could be worth pursuing if they aligned with your needs and wants.

6. Tech Jobs: San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley

Tech Jobs San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley

This group is dedicated to technical jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. The Facebook description explains that the community “is all about tech careers and jobs: finding and sharing opportunities, getting referrals, and discussing anything relevant to **technical** roles – specific to San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley!” While I find the job postings in this group to be irregular, they are mostly high-quality.

7. Newbies in Tech

Newbies in Tech Facebook Group

The goal of Newbies in Tech is described as “help[ing] anyone who’s trying to level up their careers into a high-earning tech job.” As of writing this article, the job postings were sparse and primarily suited for those earlier in their tech careers. That said, this is a helpful group if you are looking for motivation while job searching, as there were a ton of encouraging posts in the group.

8. Remote Ed Tech Job Board — Ed Tech and Education-Adjacent Jobs (PT & FT)

Remote Ed Tech Job Board — Ed Tech and Education-Adjacent Jobs (PT & FT) Facebook Group

This is the perfect Facebook group if you are looking for a remote job in educational tech, teaching, or higher education in the United States. A bonus is that the group requires the salary for all full-time job postings to be at least $70,000 per year and the pay for all part-time job postings to be at least $35 per hour. The group is incredibly active.

Chelsea Avirett, an administrator of the group and founder of Skip, looks for “jobs that are mission-driven and [making a] positive difference in our schools, for our students, and in our communities.” Avirett also offers a curated job board named Skip and sends out “a weekly newsletter with career advice for educators transitioning to a new career.”

9. Digital Nomad Jobs: Remote Job Opportunities @letsworkremotely

Digital Nomad Jobs Facebook Group

This Facebook group focuses exclusively on remote job opportunities. Steven Lin, a co-founder of the group, suggests joining this community because “you get a spam-free group to search for remote jobs and interact directly with the employer or person hiring.” As of writing this article, Lin shares that the group includes “a remote job board, and we are about to launch a product that will automatically apply to remote jobs for you. Members get an exclusive discount.”

10. Remote Digital Jobs

Remote Digital Jobs Facebook Group

While the previous Facebook community focuses on all types of remote jobs, Remote Digital Jobs (RDJ) is a bit more specific in that it focuses exclusively on “jobs at tech companies and digital jobs at non-tech companies.” Like the previous group, all the roles posted are remote. The group is very active, and the job postings vary in quality.

Lani Rosales, the founder of Remote Digital Jobs, shares that “job seekers can benefit from joining RDJ because we work endlessly to attract quality tech employers instead of scammy outsourced or low-paying jobs like most Facebook groups comfortably diminish themselves into.” Rosales shares that RDJ also offers “a popular newsletter of insights, interviews, and guidance.” RDJ will be launching a mentorship program in the future.

Rosales explains that “the real secret sauce is that we’re neutral territory – we’re not recruiters or coaches, it’s a passion project and my day job is news. We saw a hole in the market and filled it.” Additionally, she notes that “employers can’t use Pages, only personal accounts to post open roles, so unlike job boards, job seekers have a human available for questions. Try THAT on Indeed.”

11. Nonprofit Job Hunters

Nonprofit Job Hunters Facebook Group

Nonprofit Job Hunters is a high-quality job seeker Facebook group if you are a nonprofit professional. I repeatedly recommend this group to nonprofit job seekers as the job postings are of the highest quality, the discussions are vibrant, and the community is supportive.

Note: Social media is continually evolving. I will update this article as I continue to learn about the best and latest Facebook groups for job seekers. Please feel free to contact me with any groups you recommend I consider adding to this list.

Finally, below are additional resources to support you in your job search. Because I specialize in helping job seekers in the tech industry, these resources might not be for everyone, but the tips can also be applied more broadly to other industries.

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