Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES Career Coach

Get unstuck. Own your fabulousness.

Achieve the impossible.


Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES

Get unstuck. Own your fabulousness.

Achieve the impossible.


Get unstuck.
Own your fabulousness.

Achieve the impossible.


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Hello! If you have big goals for your career and your life but are feeling stuck, we should talk.

“I feel stuck” is the most common phrase I hear when speaking with prospective clients.

As a high tech career coach, I help Silicon Valley’s top talent get unstuck, own their fabulousness, and achieve what they never imagined was possible…

Let me tell you a bit about the clients I serve…

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Client Testimonial 31

I hired Kyle for a last minute interview after seeing his portfolio and great reviews. By the end of our first session I was impressed by Kyle’s ability to identify the areas of improvement – surprisingly not the ones I thought about – followed by a direct and concise follow up. He is direct, precise and his ability to ask the right questions is amazing. Needless to say I landed the job I wanted, and cannot be happier about it.

Camilo Cadena, Engineering Manager

Client Testimonial 30

Kyle is part therapist, part career coach, and fully amazing at helping his clients identify and understand what makes them fabulous. I gained clarity and insight into my professional aspirations, and a beautifully overhauled resume that immediately snagged interviews. Kyle’s also just a lovely person to know — highly recommend!

Becca Amrani, Global Operations Executive

Client Testimonial 29

Kyle was absolutely amazing and easy to work with. He took this girl who was afraid to shine and show her worth and allowed me to flourish through my LinkedIn profile. I believe I have him to thank for helping land my dream role at Meta!

Tiffani Destiné, Meta Recruiter

Client Testimonial 28

Kyle is simply the best talent money can buy, and if you have a chance to get him to be part of your career team — don’t think twice. Kyle is a wordsmith, and industry expert, and a sharp mind… I’ve scored multiple jobs and pay increases with a leg up from the resume Kyle created for me. I highly recommend him for any career/interview/coaching focused work. Anyone would be lucky to work with him!

Roberta Davenport, Partner Success Leader

Client Testimonial 27

Struggling to manage all of the work I already had, I reached out to Kyle to help me create better balance in my business and personal life. Together we identified what made me fabulous and built a plan to focus on that. I’m great at bringing out the best in others, but struggled doing that for myself and Kyle helped me define it and rock it! Solopreneurs often benefit from having an objective eye to help us see what we cannot see for ourselves and Kyle offered discovery and insight with sincerity, motivation, and support — thank you Kyle!

Cathy Lanzalaco, Career Coach & Personal Branding Specialist

Client Testimonial 26

Are you considering hiring a coach? Do it. Are you considering hiring Kyle as your coach? DO IT. I didn’t think I was “important enough” to need or benefit from coaching. But I read Kyle’s website and one line kept jumping out at me — that most of his clients come to him from a place of “I feel stuck.” That was me! In just a few sessions, Kyle helped me address the inertia and lack of confidence that was holding me back. He also gave me the tools I needed to be considered for the jobs I wanted, jobs that would help me move in the right direction with my career. His approach weaves together both the emotional and the practical changes I had to make to get unstuck and take the next steps. We laughed, we (okay, I) cried, we celebrated my job offers (yes, plural). Add Kyle to your team, already, and make some moves.

Kit Chaffin, Marketing Manager

Client Testimonial 25

Kyle absolutely helped bring clarity and vision to my future… Our work together was so effective that within a month, I was recruited and received a job offer that doubled my previous salary with one of the largest brands in Europe. After receiving my offer, Kyle was there to offer additional advice on salary negotiation, starting date and just about anything else you can imagine. It’s hard to imagine working with someone who is invested in your career as much as you are, but this was the reality with Kyle. While the results certainly speak for themselves, I couldn’t recommend Kyle enough and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Drake Dereniowski, Product Designer

Client Testimonial 24

Kyle’s career coaching is unparalleled in the industry… My career path has been diverse, including sales, business development and marketing leadership roles, in multiple segments of healthcare and IT… Using his process, Kyle was able to help me see my experience through a completely different lens and summarize my career in a compelling, concise story. He is personable, friendly, patient and a pleasure to work with! The investment in his services was a no-brainer and has paid dividends 10x’s over.

Teresa Pugliese, Sales & Business Development Executive

Client Testimonial 23

I loved working with Kyle! He empowered me to continue pursuing my goals… Because of his help, I got my dream job at my dream company! His support was beyond what I expected and for that, I will be forever thankful to him.

Maria Liliana Barrios Fernandez, Tech Professional

Client Testimonial 22

Kyle was amazing to work with! His process helps connect what makes you fabulous with what jobs and recruiters are looking for. I utilized his Career Coach services and I have never felt firmer in my career goals and how to get there. By the time I was done working with him I found the work-from-home job I was looking for in tech… I recommend working with Kyle if you are feeling unsure of your career path or if you’re sure of your career path and looking to stand out in a sea of applicants. Kyle was organized, flexible, and empathetic to the job hunting process. He will never fit you into a mold but will design sessions around what will benefit you the most.

Chris Cooper, Tech Professional

Client Testimonial 21

Working with Kyle was a dream! He is kind, intuitive, challenging, and extremely talented. The process he has created with his clients is very efficient and, more importantly, it works. I landed the exact role I wanted as the next step in my career within months of starting our work together. Kyle truly helps you to put your best foot forward, hone in on what matters most, and ensures that your most relevant experience shines through. Kyle is professional but at this point, I also consider him a friend. He has been so generous with his talent and time, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to continue to work with him. I highly recommend Kyle!

Michelle Focarazzo, Customer Success Executive

Client Testimonial 20

I was lucky enough to work with Kyle last year and I can’t even put into words the difference that Kyle made in my job search! Kyle is one of the most amazing humans you will ever meet, after being in a slump and burnt out during my pandemic job search Kyle reminded me of all the great things that made me an awesome candidate. Kyle has perfected the process and it makes working with him so easy, from the prework to the phone calls that feel like you’re just chatting with a friend, he gathers all the information necessary to really tailor your resume to showcase your experience for the positions that you’re applying for. If you’re looking for a Coach that is going to really get to know you and help you get your dream job, you’ve found him!

Viviana Jackelin Mendoza, Marketing Manager

Client Testimonial 19

Kyle nailed it! My resume was bland and too broad for the tech company roles I focused my job search around. Kyle’s value goes beyond just updating your resume. He took the time to speak with me and really listened to understand my experiences and what I wanted my resume to focus on. He asked great questions to better understand my job search goals and provided valuable insights on what is important to me. Kyle took all this information and completely transformed my resume! The end product was a focused resume that aligned with my job search goals and helped me land my new role with a high tech company! Connect with Kyle if you want to learn what makes you fabulous, he is brilliant!

Marcella Barry, Human Resources Executive

Client Testimonial 18

Kyle has made the job search process more positive and more straightforward than I ever expected. His professionalism and obvious industry experience plus his friendliness and warmth were the perfect combination to provide a genuinely great interaction. The job search is hard! There are so many elements both personal and professional and Kyle is able to guide you through them all by supporting your whole self. He is efficient and timely, staying on schedule and delivering high quality results. He was able to understand me and help me build my brand just from one phone call because he has so much experience and creativity. I really enjoyed the process and am so pleased with my revised resume and LinkedIn profile. Thanks Kyle!

Hannah Webb, Global Program Manager

Client Testimonial 17

I had the opportunity and gift to work with Kyle on my most recent search. He was a willing partner in the search process and is a true advocate for his clients and helps all his clients shine. I had issues with making my background shine and he totally transformed this into a strength. When my friends approach me about navigating a job search, the first thing is say is to book time with Kyle.

Sarav Subramani, Product Management Executive

Client Testimonial 16

I cannot put into words what a massive difference Kyle made in my job search. After working with Kyle, I applied for ten leadership jobs on a Friday and had responses from six of them on Monday. I ended up with three offers in one week! I did not realize how many critical details I had been leaving out of my resume, cover letters and my LinkedIn profile. Working with Kyle also made me realize I was qualified for jobs I previously shied away from and to do so with confidence. Do not hesitate to make this investment in yourself. He is worth every penny.

Stefany Martin, Product Marketing Executive

Client Testimonial 15

Kyle was exactly what I needed when I needed it. I had a goal to change jobs and I was having mediocre success at getting attention and landing interviews but it wasn’t for jobs that really interested me. Then I started working with Kyle and the opportunities just started rolling in. I left each session with him with action items and full of positivity. Following his methods I landed multiple interviews. I went from not really knowing what I wanted, to knowing exactly what I wanted and obtaining it. I highly recommend investing in yourself and working with him!

Charlotte Shimko, Product Management Executive

Client Testimonial 14

Kyle and I have known each other for many years and he still pushes me to get creative and to think outside of the box. He provides honest feedback and has coached me all throughout my job hunt process. I landed a job at a Fortune 500 company, where I leaned on Kyle for his expertise, guidance, and support. He helped build my confidence and prepared me for top interviews. I would HIGHLY recommend Kyle to anyone who needs additional support through mentoring, coaching, or simply someone trying to figure out their next career steps.

Kristina Caballero, Account Executive

Client Testimonial 13

Kyle is a master at his craft. He has the patience of a saint and truly listens to you to pull out the best details to wordsmith it into resume gold! It doesn’t matter if you are a current client or past client, Kyle always finds the time to check in regularly because he cares about you as a human. I will absolutely work with Kyle again in the future.

Nancy Roberts, International Marketing Executive

Client Testimonial 12

Working with Kyle is a true partnership. When I decided it was time to take that big leap forward in my career, I had been at my previous employer 12+ years, and honestly, felt a bit lost on how to best market myself and leverage my network for a Senior Leadership role. Kyle coached me through the entire process and not only did an incredible job with my resume and LinkedIn page, but more importantly, he helped to boost my confidence and coach me through those times when you apply, apply, apply and feel stuck or frustrated. I knew I was talented and good enough, but Kyle has that unique way of cutting through all of the noise in your head and helping you realize your FABULOUSNESS!!

Mandy Garner, Marketing Executive

Client Testimonial 11

Working with Kyle was a rare opportunity to come across a great human being. Kyle is a fantastic professional who helped me tremendously with my new version of my resume and LinkedIn profile. It was indeed a great experience to work with him during this process. Kyle’s capability to re-write my documents and compile all the information within a short time with soberness was quite impressive to me. Besides that, Kyle, with his unwavering confidence, made me assured of the best pieces of advice even when there were few options to employ.

Emilio Machado, Sales Executive

Client Testimonial 10

Kyle is a gifted coach, communicator, and strategist. My favorite part of working with him is how he enables and empowers me to reach my goals, rather than leading with his own advice. He comes prepared to each session and seamlessly covers the strategic and tactical elements of a job search. Over the span of just a few sessions, I felt like I had known Kyle for years. Based on our work together, I’m convinced coaching is one of the best investments I’ve made.

Jackson Larango, Marketing Specialist

Client Testimonial 9

Kyle is the real deal! In 2019, I was moving to another state and was searching for my next HR and recruiting adventure. I had heard great things about Kyle and decided to give his career coaching a try. From the get-go, I was floored – Kyle did an incredible job helping me smoothly navigate through each step of my job search. He’s a natural at making people feel confident and excited. Through Kyle’s coaching, I was able to secure a job, at a higher pay than I was originally targeting, before I even made my move!

Zain Gaziani, Team GaryVee

Client Testimonial 8

Kyle is great at his craft! He cares about his clients and has been instrumental in my development from the beginning of working together. I highly recommend his services to anyone considering them.

Jordan Carroll, Remote Job Coach

Client Testimonial 7

Kyle is an amazing coach and he really helps you to dive deeper into your fears and what is holding you back from being all that you can be. He helped me gain the confidence to raise my prices to reflect my work and I have already doubled my previously monthly revenue in only 4 sessions with him.

Caitlin Outen, Career Coach & Resume Writer

Client Testimonial 6

Kyle helped my confidence as a just-starting-our consultant and business owner tremendously… When I reached out to him my practice was going well on the client side, but I was struggling to expand my organization and figure out how this delegation thing works. He was able to quickly, yet gently, identify where I was running into the greatest obstacles. More importantly, he helped me examine why they were there and helped me develop a strategy to overcome them. I truly feel that Kyle’s help made me a better people manager, consultant, employee, and person.

LB Beth, Business Owner

Client Testimonial 5

Kyle is very professional and absolutely pleasant to work with. As a non-native English speaker, Kyle helped me polish my resume and prepare the job interview. I got my job offer after two sessions with Kyle. He is also very responsive and makes sure that I have every question answered. I would recommend Kyle to anyone who’s so close to their dream job.

Ellie Chang, UI/Visual Designer

Client Testimonial 4

Kyle is different from the typical resume writer. He won’t just throw your info into a resume template. He really works to understand and improve the professional and personal identities of his clients and then presents them in a unique and creative way to prospective employers. Kyle delivers a resume that is different than the typical. And for me, it’s led to outstanding results.

Benjamin Hartel, Business Development Executive

Client Testimonial 3

After several years with the same company my resume and LinkedIn were in need of some TLC. Kyle took the time to understand what my needs were, and we put together a plan that would help execute those plans. Throughout the entire process Kyle always stayed in touch and followed up on our progress. Kyle has a knack for words, and ways to express experiences that truly represented who I am.

Andrew Bournazos, Sales Executive

Client Testimonial 2

Kyle was great to work with — he is friendly, witty and has a very fun flair. He was able to clearly envision my goals for my resume, and edit it so that each word drove towards those goals. He was prompt in his replies and gave clear feedback. I was able to get a job within a few weeks after revamping my resume with Kyle. I would definitely recommend him!

Nikki Dance, Marketing Professional

Client Testimonial 1

I hired Kyle as a resume writer after several months of job searching without much traction using my own written resume. From the moment of showing interest in his services Kyle exhibited a high level of professionalism and genuinely wanted to know about me — interests, career goals, and what I had been doing. After hiring him he had my brand new, completed resume to me within 10 days. It blew me away with how amazing it looked. The next day I started applying for jobs and immediately received calls from companies.

Shelbe Kukowski, HR Leader

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